Mongo Mapper

MongoMapper 0.9 Release

Posted by Brandon Keepers on April 12, 2011

After months of hard work rewriting MongoMappers internals to use ActiveModel, MongoMapper 0.9 is finally here.

This release support Rails 3 only. There may be one or two more 0.8.x maintenance releases for Rails 2, but the future of MongoMapper is focused on Rails 3.


See the full change log. This release is not a drop in replacement for 0.8, so check out UPGRADES for things that have changed.


Thanks to everyone that contributed to this release. Especially Brian Ryckbost and Chris Gaffney at Collective Idea for starting the rails3 branch and doing the grunt of the initial work.


The 0.9 series will hopefully be very short-lived, with 1.0 coming soon. But before we can get to 1.0, we have a handful of issues to resolve and a lot of documentation to write. So go fork the repo and lend a hand!

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